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Mission & Vision

The Grand Rapids Alliance of Cooperative Communities is an intentional cooperative promoting community and sustainability while providing safe and affordable housing.


We envision a thriving, interconnected system of cooperatively owned housing in Grand Rapids Michigan that prioritizes low-income households, fosters community, and empowers individuals.  We are committed to improving and expanding opportunities for cooperative housing in the Greater Grand Rapids area.


What We Do

Affordable housing is a dire need in our region. Housing Co-ops are a proven way to make a real impact in expanding access to affordable and safe housing - it's a key part of our mission at GRACC!

GRACC offers the 3 pillars of expectations of cooperative living:
1. Shared Labor - members devote time and effort to work toward our common good.
2. Shared Resources - each house offers shared meals for community building. Plus, a part of each members' rent goes toward bulk purchasing of food and household cleaning supplies, for collective cost savings.
3. Shared Governance - we utilize Sociocratic models of decision making to self-govern our co-op community based on the values of equality.


Diversity & Inclusion makes us grow stronger and more resilient. At GRACC we invite and embrace people of diverse experiences including those related to race, ethnicity, national origin, first language, disability status, age, education, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

And we at GRACC are committed to Sustainable Living,  which includes reducing energy consumption through shared housing, gardening, reusing and recycling. Plus we are committed to Historic Restoration in our portfolio of houses.

But wait, there's more!
Having affordable,
inclusive, sustainable, multi-generational cooperative housing where members feel safe and empowered allows our creative vibes to flow. Read more about what we do including community initiatives of GRACC ~ you might find something that fits for you or be inspired to start something new!


Joshua Feister (he/him)

Our Board

 Our Board of Directors are responsible for employing the general manager, establishing operating policies, and directing the cooperative toward its overall objectives. 

Our Board is composed of the Co-op Trustee, Co-op Membership Chair, Co-op Secretary, and representatives from each of the Houses and are chosen by a vote of the members.

.Membership Chair


JD Sullivan (he/him)



Jacob Schwitters (he/him)
JR House Rep


Jay Redmond, (she/they)
Sparrow House Rep

Atlantis House Rep

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