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Interested in Co-operative Living?

Great! GRACC has openings! 

Below you will find information on the steps required to become a GRACC member, as well as a list of our community agreements. We ask that prior to submitting your application using the link below, you take the time to read the provided info! 

GRACC Community Agreements


  • Don't give up, speak up! 

  • It's not okay to blame, shame, or attack ('blashack') others or ourselves

  • Respond to behavior, not to character

  • Q-TIP - quit taking it personally

  • Try it! 

  • It's OK to disagree! 

  • Take 100% responsibility for yourself and your own needs

  • Practice "both/and," not "either/or" 

  • Pay attention to process and content

  • Be curious. Be generous

  • If everyone gives a little, we all get a lot 

  • "Even if you mess up, it doesn't mean you suck!" - Tim West, 2014

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