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Apply to connect, grow, and thrive at GRACC

The Process

  1. Click on the link below and fill out the online application below. There is no application fee.

  2. Shortly after your application is sent, our Membership Director will contact you to get information needed to verify your income and and conduct a background check, and find out which houses you are interested in.

  3. Once background/income checks are cleared, the membership representative(s) of the house(s) of your choosing will reach out to you to invite you to 

  • a tour the house(s)

  • a house meal

  • a house meeting/interview

  • any other steps required by the house(s)

    After house members have gotten a chance to get to know you, they will decide by consensus whether to invite you to live with them. If it's agreed, you will receive an email from our Operations Manager for you to sign a lease agreement.

    Then you're ready to move in and the member representative of the house  will coordinate with your moving in, boarding and ready to connect, grow, and thrive, in your GRACC experience!


Cooperative Bylaws

In order to understand how the cooperatives function, please take a look at their bylaws to make sure their values, policies, and responsibilities align with your lifestyle. 

GRACC Bylaws (updated November 2021)

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