WE envision a thriving, interconnected system of cooperatively owned housing in Grand Rapids Michigan that prioritizes low-income households, fosters community, and empowers individuals.  We are committed to improving and expanding opportunities for cooperative housing in the Greater Grand Rapids area.


GRACC is managed by a Board of Directors that oversees budgeting, maintenance, human resources, and policymaking.  100% of board members are current residents of GRACC.

We achieve all this by creating opportunities for equitable, affordable, and democratic housing. In the end, we fight for the chance to create the world we want to see and celebrate the opportunity to do it together.

GRACC was born in the eyes of the State on 10/11/12 as a cooperative.  The organization is incorporated for the purpose of providing the community of Grand Rapids with a means of sharing resources – specifically those related to food, housing, and self-empowerment. GRACC currently holds a master-lease to four houses in the Heritage Hill Neighborhood, ranging from 7 to 24 bedrooms with members aged 3 to 70(ish) years old.  We look for members from all walks of life!


GRACC truths

  • Be curious. Be generous.

  • Don't give up. Speak up!

  • No one knows everything. Together we know a lot.

  • Try on: It's important to try something on in a new time

and context before dismissing it.

  • Q-TIP: Quit taking it personally.

  • It's okay to disagree.

  • It's not okay to Blame, Shame or Attack ("Blashack")

others or ourselves.

  • 100% Responsibility for yourself and your needs.

  • Respond to behavior, not character.

  • Practice "BOTH/AND" thinking - not "EITHER/OR"

  • Pay attention to Process and Content.

  • "Even if you mess up, it doesn't mean you suck."

Tim West, 2014

  • If everyone gives a little, everyone gets a lot!


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Our Houses

Click the photos for more info

James Russell House
21 Single Bedrooms
3 Large Bedrooms



9 Single Bedrooms

4 Large Bedrooms


9 Single Bedrooms

Sparrow Family House

3 '2-Bedroom' Units

1 '1-Bedroom' Unit



Some membership perks!

Printing Available

Plenty of usable shared space. Including JRs huge lawn!

Access to an awesome Community of innovative Individuals

Wifi in all houses

Free Washer / Dryer use

Dinners: Sunday and Tuesday for certain houses. 3



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Address: 431 Washington St Grand Rapids, MI 49503